Artisan Escapes & Creates using Epoxy Resin

A very complimentary customer of ours, Ruthi Soltis of Third Wind Studios, tells us, “I am very glad you like my work using your fantastic Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy as my finishing touch!”

I’ve been using Pro Marine Resin/Epoxy for a few months now and I am SO impressed with this product! I couldn’t possibly use any other!

epoxy resin

Arteza Acrylic on a 10”x10” wood panel finished with Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy by Ruthi

Ruthie has spent her professional career in high-tech as a Senior Product Manager in hardware and software for companies like Digital Equipment, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley. The long hours she put in made it somewhat difficult to devote time to her art; but she found ways to make time to create crafts that she hopes others will enjoy.

She explains, “Art has a way of ‘quieting the mind’ and I’ve always found art to be relaxing and stress-relieving. Pouring Epoxy/Resin as the finishing touch for my artwork has taken me to a whole new level!

“I’ve been an artist since I was quite young and now, I have the opportunity to have the time to be more creative and to experiment with different mediums. I mostly work with acrylic paints, pastels, paper, wood panels, canvas and ‘found’ or recycled materials to make my art unique.”

In her videos and online postings; she likes to demonstrate how she ‘repurposes’ nonbiodegradable materials – recycling and creating art from potential discards. “In this “throw-away” society, I feel it is important to take time to repurpose materials and utilize them in ways most people don’t think of,” she says.

Bag of oranges from Ojai CA. – 5”x7” wrapped canvas & red plastic netting

“For the piece pictured above, I stretched the red plastic netting over the canvas, then secured it to the back of the canvas with push-pins, then glued it down with spray adhesive. I painted in the sections between the “net” in various colors with Arteza Acrylic paints (and nail polish!) I added “candy” star decorations to give the piece a 3-Dimensional effect.

“I used 2 coats of Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy to cover and finish the piece. I LOVE the way Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy is so easy to mix and use. The self-leveling property makes this an ideal resin to use on many projects. I was really thrilled with the way this piece came out! Very vibrant and it really catches the eye!”

Ruthi has always been interested in using Epoxy/resin in her art. and is thrilled to have found a great product (via Instagram) in Pro Marine Supplies! She tried other – more expensive – epoxies/resins in the past with varying (and frankly) disappointing results. She found the consistency and impressive results she was seeking with ProMarine.

“Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy is pretty affordable, easy to mix, and easy to pour. The results I have achieved using the Pro Marine Supplies product have been fabulous and have far exceeded my expectations!”

epoxy resin

Acrylic painting with epoxy & high-gloss finish (Just one coat produced an impressive glossy true-to-color result!)

epoxy resin

“I have also used your product to create some cool Swizzle Cocktail Stirrers for my friends for the summer (pictured above). They all love the colors and the originality of the product. Everyone says it adds a whole new dimension to their crafted cocktails – I couldn’t be prouder!”

Ruthi tells us how appreciative she is for our helping her take her art to “the next level.” She also is thinking about introducing her epoxy resin art & techniques both in online class formats and at craft stores like Michael’s.

We too, are appreciative and proud of our epoxy resin artisans like Ruthi; and thank her so much for allowing us to share her story!

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