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Layered Resin Circles by Rick Schmidt

Layered Resin Circles by Rick Schmidt

“Layered Resin Artist” Rick Schmidt paints original works of art on birch wood panels using epoxy resin and acrylic paints. Between each layer of resin is an acrylic background of circles that highlight his pieces. “Once each layer of resin is partially cured, I ‘drop paint’ colorful circles before the next layer of epoxy resin is applied,” he explains.

Rick’s current full-time job is at a Honda Motors manufacturing plant where he assembles transmissions, but this is not the position where he discovered his artistic calling. Previously, he was employed as a healthcare worker, helping the ‘intellectually challenged,” and while there found his muse. “During breaks between patients, I would work on my canvases after discovering online videos about the craft. I found the process to be very therapeutic, a great way to clear your head.”

Artistry runs in his family as his mother is a graphic designer and his stepfather teaches stone sculpting at Bowling Green University. Once his hobby was established, he found that prospective customers for his artworks would follow his progress online – asking for pieces during the creation process.

Epoxy Resin Artistry – Works in Progress

“I usually have between 20-30 pieces in the works at all times,” he says. “My first practice piece was done on a large piece of canvas, but since I apply so many layers to achieve the effect I’m looking for, I switched to wood substrates for strength. Currently, I usually keep the size of the finished pieces to 16” by 16” as it’s an easy size to work with and keeps the weight down.”

So why resin art circles? Rick was inspired when he viewed some resin artists creating fluid pours – which start out as circles prior to the tilting/mixing process. He decided that he wanted to work with layers upon layers of circles. “I tried casting circles of depth,” he explains. “But I like the results of layering better. My quest is to create the perfect circle,” he laughs.

Edge View of Rick’s Art Showing Pour Depth

Edge View of Rick’s Art Showing Pour Depth

After some online research with Facebook epoxy resin artists, Rick tried 3-4 different brands of resin. He discovered that he had no issues working with ProMarine’s products. And he appreciated the combination of performance for price results he received. “Since my process is about multi-layering, I use about a one-gallon kit of tabletop epoxy resin per piece,” he states, “and so needed a high-quality polymer that was also not too costly.”

Epoxy Resin Artistry

One of the highlights of his artistic endeavors was his online “meeting” of popular epoxy resin artist Marc Scheff of New York. Mr. Scheff was the first artist Rick met who was also creating layered resin artwork. Rick viewed a video featuring Marc and contacted him. The two struck up a conversation that led to an ongoing relationship whereby they have conversations – sharing their creative trials and tribulations.

“The privilege of talking to Marc was great validation for me as an artist, and for my catalog of work. Our interaction has boosted both of our processes and production as we provide insight and inspiration to each other. Marc has purchased one of my pieces for his home which is an honor for me and one of the most meaningful experiences of my artistic endeavor so far.”

Aside from his online presence on Facebook and Instagram, Rick’s work may be found and acquired in person as it’s currently being shown at the RampArts Gallery in Cleveland (links below). Rick also features many “shots-in-process” online – showing the progress of his pieces as they are being created. It is frequently here that his audience is introduced to his artistry – leading many requests pieces before they are even complete.

Epoxy Resin Layered Circle Art

“Who knew that the long hours I put in as a healthcare worker would lead to this hobby turned enterprise? What was once a hobby break between patients, has become an established enterprise that is very fulfilling!”

To view and acquire Rick’s art:

RampArts Gallery

Instagram Rickachinoart

Facebook Rickachinoart

ProMarine Supplies would like to thank Rick for working with us to create this story. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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