Epoxy Resin ‘Penny’ Floor that looks like A Million Bucks

The versatility of epoxy resin means that decorators, contractors and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) are leveraging this polymer in all kinds of inventive and attractive home improvement projects. For instance, turning an entryway into a ‘pennies from heaven’ entrance experience.

Derrick Lewis decided to update his foyer flooring – incorporating 20,000 pennies into the design. These are no ordinary pennies however, as they were saved by Derrick’s grandfather – wrapped and stored in remembrance of his wife (Derrick’s grandmother). Having seen penny floors on the Internet; Derrick decided that it would be a perfect way to respect and remember her.

Epoxy Resin

Laying a penny floor takes time, patience and skill – both in the pattern – and the finishing with epoxy resin. It took Derrick 37 hours to layout the penny design, and 72 hours to allow the epoxy resin sealant to reach full cure.

He chose ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin for its cost-effectiveness, (he used the online Epoxy Calculator), and due to the guidance, he received from the customer service team. “They walked me through the installation process, helping me to easily achieve the highest possible quality,” he explained.

Derrick explained he laid out the floor using what he described as the “dot method,” wherein he applied a spot of glue on each penny to keep it in place on the floor. “I just like the way it looks spaced out just so.”

We’re glad that Derrick chose ProMarine Supplies as his epoxy resin of choice – and enthused to be a memorable part of his home!

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