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Having a hobby is a wonderful way to clear your mind and find inner peace. Sometimes, having a variety of interests means that they clash – but when two passions come together as one – it can make for a stunning and satisfying culmination…

Take for instance the hobbies of husband and wife Ahndrea and Trent North. She builds furniture, and he collects coins – pennies in particular. While recently renovating their home, with Ahndrea creating furnishings for their new look; she decided to integrate her husband’s penny collection into a ‘penny floor’ – sealing it with epoxy resin.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Guide

Penny Floor by Ahndrea North

Penny floors are very time consuming to layout, requiring a great amount of detail. So Ahndrea decided to do her homework regarding the epoxy resin products on the market to seal the floor and her husband’s treasured pennies. Her research led her to ProMarine’s epoxy resin – but Trent, a National Association of Corrosive Engineers (NACE) certified coating inspector took a look as well…

After some online diligence and product specification examination, he spoke with a ProMarine customer service agent, then tested some epoxy resin. The conclusion, “This stuff is AWESOME!” and he agreed that this is the best epoxy resin for their home project.

Another Epoxy Resin Penny Floor

Penny Floor Closeup

The floor-renovation project began with the task of placing and gluing the coins to the floor (see above) to be refinished. Ahndrea decided to create a border using darker pennies around the edges – and a pattern on the rest of the surface mixing Wheat Pennies and Standard Pennies. Once placed, they began the epoxy-resin coating and sealing process – warming the area to ensure a level surface and optimal curing.

Ahndrea plans to continue to use ProMarine Supplies epoxy resin for her creations – and to start a business leveraging her talents to design and build a host of artistic craft items including floating tables, penny tables and signs. We applaud and support Ahndrea’s efforts – and wish her much deserved success in her new endeavor!

Read Ahndrea’s story as a PDF HERE

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