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Tye Haslip & Fiancee Michelle of 1728 Designs

Tye Haslip & fiancé Michelle of 1728 Designs

Tye Haslip, along with help from his fiancé Michelle, create original furnishings for their business 1728 Designs. They focus on “live-edge furniture” specializing in river tables, bar tops, desks, shelving and home décor.

Epoxy Resin River Table by 1728 Designs

Epoxy Resin River Table with red highlights by 1728 Designs

Tye’s experience grew out of his shop time spent with his father where they developed a knack for building things by hand for their active car-racing endeavors. Coupling practical abilities with his passion for creating works of art; led to his discovery of epoxy resin river tables online.

“I saw a few of these so-called “river tables” online and thought I had the knowledge and experience to give it a solid shot, and the rest is history.” Tye’s innovative approach and desire to “stay ahead of the curve” led him to research future “deep-pour resin” methods, to augment current shallow pour methodology.

Epoxy Resin River Desk by 1728 Designs

Epoxy Resin River Desk

His innovative approach saves time, gives his customers superior-quality products – from which he receives high marks. “You have to innovate and adapt, especially in this popular industry,” Tye stated.

Tye discovered ProMarine Supplies during his online searches for epoxy resins. “ProMarine Supplies was well marketed and advertised,” he explained. “Social media platforms also played a part in recognizing ProMarine as a front-runner in the industry.”

Epoxy Resin Coat Rack

Epoxy Resin Coat Rack

ProMarine was selected due to several factors including cost effectiveness, timely delivery and positive reviews as “the customer base seemed to really like using the products.” Tye also appreciates that ProMarine’s products are manufactured and distributed in the United States.

When asked about his dealings with ProMarine, Tye enthused, “Excellent products and service on a consistent basis. ProMarine is always ready to support their customers in any way they can. Customers are easily engaged with the business via marketing and product specials. And it’s easy to find the information you need via the ProMarine website or online forums.”

Epoxy Resin Game Table by 1728 Designs

Epoxy Resin Shuffleboard Table

“I would say ProMarine is always there for my business, and ready to provide the products I need in a timely fashion to create pieces that my customers’ request. I never question if ProMarine will deliver, they have always given me what I need, when I need it!”

We’d like to thank Tye and Michelle for their enthusiastic endorsement, and cooperation and input for this story. We will continue doing our best to meet their expectations! We wish them all the best in his future endeavors! For more information on Tye and 1728 Designs, please visit:

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