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Epoxy Resin for a Better Road Ahead…

One of the things we enjoy exploring is the myriad ways that epoxy resin is used for so many applications that we all encounter every day. From use in homes – to highways – this polymer has become an oft-used tool in so many repairs, as well as ongoing maintenance and new and refurbishment building and construction projects.

Many home owners share their experiences and insights on working with epoxy resin in their residences and small businesses – often after discovering projects that their friends’ have done in their homes or offices. They’ll note the shining finish on flooring or the gleaming counter or tabletops and ask how this was accomplished – leading them to become epoxy resin enthusiasts.

And for those concerned with epoxy resin’s durability; they need only look at how this material is has been used and relied upon for years in commercial and industrial settings. For instance, in an article by Harold W. Goldberger ‘Experience with Epoxy Resins,’ (posted on, he explains how epoxy resin was incorporated into highway maintenance plans on the New Jersey Turnpike – as early as 1958!

“A material had to be found which could be installed rapidly and which would last practically indefinitely. The Maintenance Department experimented with several products that the manufacturers claimed would meet these requirements. Finally, an epoxy patching compound consisting of a two-component epoxy resin with the aggregate to be added by the user was chosen.”

Epoxy Resin Today…

Today, the properties of thermosetting epoxy resin polymers have only improved – from providing superior strength and durability – to quick-curing times for optimal productivity. Epoxy resin since its inception has been a flexible cost-effective tool that has come to be trusted and counted upon to perform in so many applications. As Mr. Goldberger concluded years ago;

“The use of epoxy resin compounds on the New Jersey Turnpike will result in longer life for the concrete bridge decks and other concrete areas and in lower maintenance costs for the overall bridge structures, service areas and interchanges. It is now possible to patch a spalled (broken pavement or concrete) area and to expect the patch to last as long as the structure. It is also entirely practical to employ epoxy resins for the varied uses described above without resorting to expensive labor, equipment, tools and materials.”

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