Epoxy Resin River Table - Shuffleboard Style

Epoxy Resin River Table – Shuffleboard Style

A Twist on Resin River Tables for Gaming

As a Florida resident, you see a lot of shuffleboard. (Not since my last cruise, have I seen so many people sliding pucks across a vertical surface.) So why not take the game inside (especially when the summer heat hits), and add an attractive game table to one’s man cave, she shed or other game room or family leisure area?

That’s the idea that Tye Haslip of 1728 Designs had when he developed a line of shuffleboard surfaces with a resin river tables design. As one of our longtime Epoxy Pros, I asked Tye to share his latest spin on epoxy resin craftsmanship. “Recently I’ve been doing river table shuffleboards which have been very popular. To my knowledge these two are the first ever made.”

1728 Designs is an entrepreneurial, forward thinking studio founded on a passion for creating handmade art. Throw functionality into the mix and here we are today, a small multi-media workshop aimed to build high-quality, show-stopping, unique conversation pieces that inspire to grab your attention in a big way.” Tye builds his pieces to last out of live edge hardwoods and epoxy resin so one can “set down that pop” (midwestern for soda) without worry.

Resin River Tables for Shuffleboard – Game On!

Shuffleboard Table with River Rock & LED Inlay

Shuffleboard Table with River Rock & LED Inlay

Tye has been shipping his shuffleboard river tables to locales throughout the United States. He custom crafts his wares by hand so that each piece is unique. His line of “handmade art” furnishings includes tables, desks, bars and shelving as well as accessories such as custom wall art, cutting boards, wine racks, flight boards and more.

Types of wood often used include Black Walnut, Oak, Maple, Elm, Hackberry, Blue Beetle Kill Pine, and Cherry to name a few. Additional various types of media are used as well to add to the unique qualities of builds done, including granite, marble, inlays for epoxies like our ProPour Casting Resin, LED lighting, and more. In his shuffleboard tables, Tye used a combination of tabletop and deep pour epoxy resins and accented these with river rock and LED lighting inlays for the rivers.

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways in which to apply versatile epoxy resin. We are proud to feature imaginative craftsman like Tye, highlight his offerings, and we thank him for his input! Who knows, your story might be next! Contact us at:

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