Epoxy Resin Shelves

Epoxy Resin River Rack by 1728 Designs

In the past, we’ve highlighted many crafters and their methods of making epoxy resin river tables. Another interesting and related project is the creation of river shelves. These decorative and functional pieces may be designed and built in so many styles to fit any room and function. From well-anchored bookshelves to “floating” platforms used to display treasured items – or even installed completely bare as these shelves are eye-catching in their own right.

Often, river shelves, and tables for that matter, are made from a special piece of wood discovered on a trip – or in an old attic or barn. Or, as in the case of the piece pictured above, epoxy resin river shelves may be crafted into specialty furnishings like the key/coat rack as designed by customer and Epoxy Pro Tye Haslip of 1728 Designs.

Epoxy resin craftsmen like Tye, use live-edge wood (leaving the wood uncut for a natural look) of many types (walnut, oak, maple, cherry, etc.), metal and epoxy resin to create custom furnishings including tables, desks, and artwork. Other materials like granite and marble may also be inlaid to accompany the resin highlights depending upon desired results.

Molding Shelves In Casting Resin

Another way to create unique epoxy resin shelves is by molding them in casting resin. A mold may be constructed out of metal or wood for instance – and lined with sheathing tape to frame it – so the resin will not stick to the framework. Polyethylene sheets may also be used to build the frame; however, this method is a bit more expensive.

Casting one-of-a-kind shelves in epoxy resin provides a unique “palette” for artistic expression. Personal collections such as seashells, coins, marbles and other collectibles may be preserved and displayed as a functional and attractive work of art. Encapsulating such items in epoxy resin preserves and protects them – and provides a much better alternative to out-of-sight storage – such as a drawer of shoebox.

Either a river or casted epoxy resin shelf allow for great artistic expression! The resin inlay for a river shelf may be dyed or highlighted in interesting dyes, tints and glitter; while cast shelves may also be tinted with pigment – and can be used to encapsulate a menagerie of keepsakes and mementoes for permanent display and protection.

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