Reflecting Back while Looking Ahead

It’s here at last – the final ProMarine blog for 2020. The year has been an interesting journey full of ups and downs (okay, too many downs), but we’ve persevered. As we look forward to the New Year, we’d thought we look back and reflect upon the positive happenings from you – our Epoxy Pros…

One of the wonderful things to happen this year was all the experiences that were shared with us by so many of You! Stories and contest entries about your creative and DIY endeavors were at times artistic, at times practical (and sometimes both) – but always thoughtful and heartfelt. We appreciate the time and effort you all put into both the projects themselves – and the thoughts sent our way.

Shared Contest Entries

Throughout the year, we ask You our Epoxy Pros, to share your projects, tasks and thoughts. We love to receive these for our own perusal, and hope they inspire others as well. Here are some of this year’s insights and inspirations:

  • New Year, New Ideas – we started the year looking for your ideas on innovative epoxy resin projects and we got some great ones! From casting pyramids to finishing the housing on an outboard boat motor – Epoxy Pros are never out of ideas! More HERE
  • Spring Contests – ProMarine featured two Spring Contests this year – An Epoxy Resin Mystery to solve, and our ‘Pathway to Spring’ project promotion. Both contests received many entries from which five were chosen for each and highlighted HERE.
  • May Poetry Contest – in May we decided to mix things up a bit and ask you for some epoxy resin prose. The poems submitted were heartfelt and thought-provoking. We again thank all the poets. You can see their inspired words via this link: POEMS
  • Summer Contests – this summer, we launched two contests – an early ‘Summer Fun Story Contest’ looking for festive seasonal arts & crafts ideas; and later in the season a ‘Dog Days of Summer’ promo seeking pastime projects that were done to beat the summer heat
  • Giving Thanks – as the challenging year came to a close, we asked you, our Epoxy Pros for Expressions of Gratitude – even in these tough times – and Wow, you came through!

Epoxy Pro Success Stories

We love hearing about all the interesting ways that all of you use our epoxy resin – the things you create, the challenges you address and the creative spirit you invoke. We highlight several of these each year as our Epoxy Pro Success Stories and share them to inspire and motivate!

Epoxy Resin News – You Asked for it – You Got it!

And last – but certainly not least; we received so many requests for specially formulated resins, we released two new epoxy resin products this year – designed for artists and crafters:

  • ProArt – we developed our art resin for artisans and crafters for the creation of artwork as well as to seal and protect a variety of projects – everything from drawings, paintings and photography – to woodworking and sculpture – ProArt provides a protective UV-resistant layer against moisture, corrosion and wear-and-tear
  • ProPour – ProMarine’s newly released casting resin is specially formulated for “deep pours” to craft furniture like River Tables, and for encapsulation for items like paperweights and other decorative objects used to store, protect and display treasured memorabilia

Happy New Year to All of You from All of Us at ProMarine Supplies!

ProMarine Supplies

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