Epoxy Resin Coasters

Artistic Accessories that Provide both Form & Function…

For many epoxy resin crafters, decorative and functional home accessories make useful accents for one’s own dwelling, and great gifts for others too! And there are so many items to make from which to choose! We’re going to focus on display pieces here – that not only protect surfaces they’re placed upon – but also provide both pleasing aesthetics and organization…

We just added two new wood-topped tables to our family room, so for entertaining purposes, some coasters are needed – and maybe a wine caddy as well. You can see how to create these pieces on our videos page. Another great idea for tabletop surface protection is epoxy resin placemats. And you can easily add cork or felt to the bottom of any of these pieces as well to further prevent scratches, mars and other damage to your furnishings.

An epoxy resin item we use in our kitchen every day is a spoon rest that a coworker made for us. Spoon rests can be made of any size and shape depending upon the mold or base material used, and the resin may be dyed or decorated to match a kitchen color scheme. In fact, a great many epoxy resin entertaining accessories begin in the kitchen – and migrate into other rooms of the home…

Eye-catching handcrafted boards and trays of many kinds provide a wide variety of uses for home entertaining. And when not in use, are attractive display accessories too! Trays may be created for serving drinks and food; and charcuterie, cheese and cutting boards highlighted with decorative epoxy resin accents make any event more festive!

Epoxy Resin Cutting Board

Epoxy Resin Cutting Board

An interesting organizational item for the bedroom is a resin dresser tray – keeping men’s personal pocket accessories, watches and other items at hand; and for women providing a place for jewelry and other keepsakes. And in the bathroom, in much the same way that the previously mentioned spoon rest keeps the stove neat and clean, so too does a handcrafted soap dish for the vanity countertop.

As a bit of a “neat freak,” I find that epoxy resin accessories speak to my need for order. Plus, as an added bonus, the many ways in which the material may be designed and decorated to accent both the style of one’s home as well as their own personality – now that’s a “home” run!

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