Epoxy Resin Key Properties

Versatile Polymer for Many Applications & Great Resistance…

From use in art and craft creation, to residential DIY, commercial construction and myriad industrial applications; thermosetting polymers like epoxy resin, provide superior bonding, reinforcement and encapsulating properties. Its waterproofing and reinforcing properties make it the perfect material for residential repairs, boatbuilding, commercial manufacturing and the industrial construction industries – among many others.

So, what makes epoxy resins so versatile that they may be used in such a wide variety of applications? The answer lies in their key properties which are numerous and substantial. Aside from their superior coating and sealing capabilities, epoxy resins provide excellent bonding and adhesion to most substrate materials. They’re easily cured – offering high strength and low shrinkage – as well as high resistance to many types of corrosive elements – another essential property…

Epoxy Resin Key Properties

Once cured, epoxy resin is highly resistant to corrosion from various sources, protecting against:

  • Temperature Extremes – high temperature tolerance protects against heat & fire
  • Electrical Issues – used to insulate & protect sensitive electrical components
  • Moisture & Chemicals – non-porous, hard-shell finish seals & protects substrates – providing high resistance from water & chemical compounds
  • Physical & Environmental Issues – resistance to wear and tear from use and the elements

Providing a protective shield against such a wide variety of issues is just one of the reasons epoxy resin is an essential part of so many application solutions. Others include its non-toxic and food-safe attributes for use in kitchen items such as resin tumblers, serving trays and table and counter tops. And epoxy resin may be mixed with other substances such as dyes, tints, powders and fibers to provide additional aesthetic and functional properties. (We’ll go into greater depth on that topic in a future column.)

Epoxy resin is an adhesive, binder, industrial and non-skid coating, primer, paint, sealer and more. All the applications and benefits it provides, as well as its resistance properties, make using epoxy resin – hard to resist (pun intended)!

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