Epoxy Resin DIY

Accomplishing Art Projects and ‘to-do’ Tasks with Epoxy Resin

One of the many great attributes of epoxy resin is its versatility. The polymer may be used for creative crafts to feed your inner artist; and just as easily applied in a wide variety of tasks around the house to help keep home repairs and maintenance tasks crossed off your list. Other benefits of epoxy resin are that it’s easy to get started as materials are readily available and inexpensive, and once applied – the polymer makes for a long-lasting creation or repair.

Like anything else, there’s a learning curve to becoming proficient using epoxy resin. However, with just a bit of homework and planning – you’ll be able to achieve great results. Epoxy Resin and instructions are readily found online; and mixing, handling and safety accessories may be found online as well or at a variety of artisan, hobby and craft shops or your local hardware store.

Epoxy Resin DIY – You Can Do It!

As far as this author’s ‘Epoxy Resin Experiences’ (from my wooden windowsill repair) – I found it to be no more difficult than working with chalking – one just needs to be a bit more cognizant of the working time of resin as once the curing begins it is no longer pliable. I was able to successfully repair several window treatments, as an amateur handyman, for the long term – so you can too!

As for expressing your creative side with art resin applications; there are many ideas to be found to get you started including, ‘Resin Art (for Beginners)’ by ChrisJ248 as posted on where an attractive wooden wall hanging is created. “This instructable will give you a step-by-step process of creating your own resin art.” Included with the textual instructions, are images that clearly show the process, and progress, of the project. The artist also includes epoxy resin tips for mixing, application and optimal curing.

From seasoned artisans to beginning crafters and do-it-yourselfers – and everything in between; epoxy resin offers the ability to create and build a wide variety of items. From the artfully aesthetic – to the personally practical – you can beautify, maintain and repair your home and its décor using epoxy resin. And it’s not that hard – if you’ll pardon the pun!

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