We hope you enjoy the blogs, news, stories and other (hopefully) helpful information featuring epoxy resin applications and other resin-related items we present to you – our Epoxy Pros. It is also our fondest wish that some of the underlying feelings that come across to you are a sense of accomplishment in your resin realizations for a project well done, as well as feelings of satisfaction and fun!

After all, hobbies are supposed to be an enjoyable way to spend one’s leisure time; helping cleanse the psyche of life’s stresses and annoyances. Epoxy resin provides so many with an outlet for creative expression and a pastime filled with tangible artwork and craft creations – reminders of good times – and time well spent. And, completed DIY home tasks can deliver these same results with the right approach.

So many of those who delve into epoxy resin arts and crafts find so much more than what they thought would be a simple creative hobby. Once they release and nurture their creative muse, they discover that the sky’s the limit in their epoxy experiments and resin realizations. And quite often, when friends and family see the resulting artisanal artwork and craft creations – a hobby becomes a fledgling artful business. And, as the old saying goes, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” ~ Mark Anthony

Epoxy Resin Ideas & Projects

  • Create and refinish bar tops, countertops and tables with tabletop epoxy resin
  • Seal and protect artwork and memorabilia using specialty art resin
  • Craft river tables and other furnishings and encapsulate keepsakes in deep-pouring casting resin
  • Repair and restore boat decks and hulls with professional marine epoxy resin

A number of “how-to” project ideas may be found on our videos page – showing step-by-step imagery synopsis of what’s needed to create your next epoxy resin masterpiece. And, while some of these tasks may sound more like work than fun; we think the satisfaction of being able to say, “I did it myself” will put a smile on your face and give you a warm feeling. Especially when you tell others who may have spent hundreds of dollars to achieve similar results! Happy Crafting!

ProMarine Supplies

Welcome to the ProMarine Supplies Blog. Here we hope to provide you with inspiration and insight into epoxy resin products, the latest crafting trends, exciting projects, and so much more!

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