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Expounding upon a recent column in which we delved into some ‘Innovative Items for the Home;’ I mentioned making cigar humidors out of cigar boxes, or for that matter, any sort of box either coated with or constructed from epoxy resin. It occurred to me that not only is the box itself a memento – but it’s also a great keepsake box for treasured trinkets – for yourself or as a gift to others…

For most of us, storing and savings items like jewelry, letters, travel tchotchkes, sports cards and other paraphernalia is often done using small wooden boxes designed to organize and protect our belongings and sentimental ephemera. The boxes we use vary greatly from treasured antique pieces passed down from family and friends to basic shoe boxes and everything in between.

Designing and handcrafting your own “treasure chests,” or making an existing piece into one, is easily accomplished using epoxy resin – making for lasting memories (and a sense of accomplishment) of both the project and the box itself. And who knows? You may create the next great family heirloom passed down for generations!

You can either start with an existing wooden box to refinish or build your own from scratch either out of wood – or crafted entirely from epoxy resin panels. Either way, the epoxy resin finish will provide you with a palette to express your own sense of artistic design and style. The resin may be tinted or dyed in any number of color-combinations and accessorized with a variety of trinkets depending upon one’s taste and whimsy.

For the more ambitious, refinishing a larger trunk or storage chest that will hold bigger items and may also be used as a coffee or end table may be more to their liking. The resin provides a tough and protective outer shell and a crystal-clear finish – accenting the beauty of the woodgrain. And again, the polymer provides the perfect sealant/protectant for pieces used to adorn the exterior of the furnishings.

Incidentally, steamer trunks came to be known by this moniker due to their frequent use on steam ships from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, (from And while steamer trunks have flat tops for stacking, treasure chests have curved tops to allow for water runoff. Blanket chests on the other hand, became popular in the 17th Century with colonists as they had no closets for storage. Over the years, drawers were added making these the predecessor to today’s dressers.

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