Epoxy Resin Applications

As the New Year Dawns – Looking Forward to the Future of Epoxy Resin

Innovation. A keyword and strategy in business these days. Innovation in product offerings. Innovation in the application of those products. And the market for Epoxy Resin is no exception to this rule. These polymers have an ever-increasing span of uses and market applications; and more are being applied every day…

One of the many messages we’ve highlighted over the years is the plethora of ways that epoxy resin is used in myriad things we all encounter every day. From crafting creations to household use and industrial applications; the polymer’s uses seem unlimited. Many of today’s paints, adhesives, sealants and other chemicals either are made up of, or contain, epoxy resin. But so too, does the future look bright for this versatile polymer…

“The commercial aircraft of the future will be made of glued parts of carbon fibers and plastics like a model aircraft. Reduced weight and fuel consumption, flexibility, durability and recyclability are among the advantages brought by new materials. The same applies to trains and cars, ships and gondolas, bicycles and sporting equipment,” from ‘The Future of Epoxy Resin’ by Axel Barrett, BioPlastics News.

Epoxy Resin Applications

Mr. Barrett goes on to expound about the many applications that epoxy resin is perfect for due to its superior adhesion, chemical resistance and extreme durability and endurance – several that we haven’t featured here in the past:

  • Surface coating – used to provide a resilient and firm coating to products and goods. In the case of cars, it may be used as a primer. Because sea vessels are prone to more wear and tear, it can be used in place of the actual paint. Also, steel pipes, and other steel products man be coated with it.
  • PVC production – Eyeglass frames, handbags, artificial necklaces, and other products that contain PVC or even plastic or vinyl use it as a materials ingredient as well as a protective coating.
  • Electrical insulation – used in capacitors, transformers, circuit boards and other electrical components as a sealant and electrical insulator.
  • Glues and adhesives – Due to its strong bonding properties, it can be used by anyone from sculptors, artists, and people who have a hobby of model train building, ship building to anyone who need it for its strong industrial applications, like for flooring, roads, bridges, concrete, cars, ships aircrafts and more. It is also used as a dental bonding agent by dentists.

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