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With the proliferation and popularity of Superhero Movies from the DC and Marvel canons, it seems that our cinemas have been taken over by a variety of action heroes – providing both over-the-top entertainment and feel-good adventures. But how about the everyday accomplishments of our own ‘Epoxy Resin Heroes’ – imagining and creating unique and often unusual crafts, furnishings and other artistic and practical items every day…

Take for instance our latest Success Story Spotlight, Roshelle Anderson of Happi Crafts. While on maternity leave, she did some online research seeking to discover beneficial activities that she (and other parents) could share with their children. “Between work, school and daily duties of being a mommy, most days I wish I just had something readily available to do with my kids that they would also enjoy. Creating lasting memories that my kids will remember forever is so important to me. So is learning.”

Epoxy Resin – for the Love of Crafting

Some develop their love of crafting with epoxy resin (and other materials and tools) as children – working with their parents or other relatives and loved ones. For Nathan Sterns, it was time spent with his father building wooden furniture that instilled in him a lifelong sense of working with his hands. Today Nathan’s business, Cedar Woodworking, hand crafts wood and resin custom longboards (essentially long skateboards) for discerning clients in Southwestern Florida.

Another Southwestern Florida craftsman, Larry Anderson, founded his firm Artistic Illustrations to build one-of-a-kind items such as coffee tables, counter tops, wall art and flooring detail – adding unique items including bits of local coral and other detritus for a bespoke look. “Everything I do in art is to try to push the envelope a little bit – to try to take it beyond what we normally see,” he explains.

Do-it-yourselfer (DIY) Derrick Lewis, decided to redo the floor in his foyer – with pennies! And not just any pennies, he kept the coins his grandfather saved in memoriam to the memory of his wife (Derrick’s grandmother). Derrick decided to honor the memory of his grandmother with a ‘Pennies from Heaven’ entryway into his home. He painstakingly placed the coins – and then coated the floor with epoxy resin. We’re proud to be a part of his honorarium.

So, you see, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman et al – have nothing over the exploits, experience and expertise of our awesome artisans, brilliant builders and creative craftsmen! Join us – become an Epoxy Resin Hero in your own right – you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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