Epoxy Resin Live Edge Table

Maple Casted Resin Desk by Deep Forest Woodworks

Moisture & Impact Resistant Epoxy Resin Protects Beautiful Tabletops…

While over a friend’s house recently, she proceeded to water some plants that were thriving on a lanai located on a rattan-topped table. Some water splashed onto the rattan, which she proceeded to quickly wipe up before absorption. I asked her how often the water was an issue on the table, to which she replied, “every time I water.” You can guess what occurred to me next – sealing the tabletop with epoxy resin of course!

Tabletop Epoxy Resin coats, seals and protects fine wood (and other surface) finishes from moisture and impact damage as well as daily wear-and-tear. Surfaces coated with epoxy resin realize a crystal-clear high-gloss finish that is easy to clean – resisting rings from drinkware and dents, dings and scuff marks from ongoing use.

Aside from making a wonderful surface for plant tables; tabletop epoxy resin is also used to create a protective and decorative layer for counter and bar tops, coffee and end tables, desks and a wide variety of kitchen and dining tables. It’s easy to apply, long-lasting and provides a solid protective coating over work and play surfaces in home and offices.

One of the most popular and attractive applications for tabletop epoxy resin is the design and creation of River Tables. Often these tabletops are constructed using unique pieces of wood that have meaning to their artisan; so, protecting and preserving the substrate material is very important. These craftsmen trust epoxy resin to do the job.

Epoxy Resin River Table

Maple River Table by Deep Forest Woodworks

River tables are constructed by adding tint to epoxy resin to produce a vibrant colorful effect as shown above. Epoxy Pro Jeremy Dennis crafts “custom live-edge wood pieces with epoxy” for his business Deep Forest Woodworks. “I take wooden slabs that may be seen as unusable by others and turn them into custom furnishings and artwork by integrating epoxy resin into the creative process,” Jeremy explains. “By building in this way, each piece is unique – the wall art and the furniture – every piece is a work of art!”

Craftsman like Jeremy Dennis and others highlighted in our Success Stories are certainly Epoxy Pros, but you needn’t have their experience to design and create your own river table or other resin realization. Many epoxy-resin hobbyists started with a small “practice project,” and through a journey of discovery, found a lifelong hobby; while others established successful businesses. You never know where the road will lead…

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