Protecting & Preserving a Place of Socialization & Solace…

We recently purchased a set of outdoor furnishings for our front terrace consisting of a teak table and set of chairs. If you’re anything like me, you have a constant “to do” list that you’re working on – and trying not to lengthen. So, I wondered what the best way would be to initially treat the wood to ensure its long life and minimize ongoing maintenance. The answer, of course, epoxy resin!

When the furniture arrived, needing simple assembly, I decided to first coat it with a slightly darker shade of stain, the color more to our preference, with the added benefit of providing another protective layer against the elements. (Here in southwestern Florida, the weather must be taken into consideration – as the sun and heavy summer rains will take their toll on anything left outdoors.)

Once the stain dried, we made sure the hardware (bolts and screws) were tight before coating the teak with epoxy resin. Not only will the resin seal and protect the wood, but it also provides another advantage – keeping the furniture from loosening up over time due to the wood shrinking and swelling with the changing weather conditions. For enhanced UV sun protection, we finished with exterior varnish topcoats.

After adding some decorative (wife) and comfortable (me) cushions and pillows, our newly stained, sealed and protected seating area is now ready for daydreaming, reading and entertaining. We find that our new nook is the perfect place for relaxing and conversing with friends, enjoying a quiet evening by candlelight, and (in my case) listening to the ball game.

In this constantly interconnected world, it’s imperative to have a place to sit, think and disconnect. Creating a sanctuary, however defined by individual tastes, is essential to “clear one’s head” and maintain balance in all of life’s endeavors.

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