Epoxy Resin

…an interesting journey into where and how epoxy resin came to be…

Epoxy Resin – that magical bonding, coating and sealing agent that we speak of each week – was originally used for dental fixtures in the 1930’s. Initial development of epoxies was first reported and patented by Paul Schlack of Germany. Credit for the first synthesis of the epoxy resins used today goes to Dr. Pierre Castan of Switzerland and Dr. S.O. Greenlee of the United States, who synthesized the polymer in 1936, (from New World Encyclopedia’s ‘Epoxy.’)

Today, the applications for epoxy resins are numerous and cross into many industries. The polymer is used as a protective coating, superior adhesive and reinforcing filler material for diverse every-day solutions in the automotive auto body, construction, and marine sectors; as well as home renovation, repair and maintenance projects in the residential arena. Do-it-yourselfers and artisans also use epoxy resin to create unique and attractive furnishings and home decor accessories.

Epoxy Resin Applications

Furthermore, epoxy resin continues to be utilized in innovative ways in the high-technology sector where applications include: protective coatings for circuits and electronics, the manufacturing of turbine blades for green energy, and a wide variety of parts and panels for the aerospace and aircraft industries.

Since its creation almost a century ago; this versatile and flexible polymer has become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives – assisting us in so many ways. From an invaluable tool in industrial and commercial pursuits, to home projects, artistic creation and aesthetics; epoxy resin is everywhere – and thankfully so!

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