Epoxy Resin at the Craft Show

Artwork by Tony Suarez, ProVision HandiCrafts

A Creative Hobby can lead to a Crafty Business…

Two of my oldest friends are crafters. We met during one of my college summers when I was a waiter at a seaside restaurant on the coast of Maine. The husband of the couple was my “hospitality mentor” (i.e. waiter trainer); and he and his wife had their own side business creating specialty potpourri, soaps, baskets and other artisanal items.

Over time, their business grew, as did their standing in the crafting community, leading to their taking over a series of summer craft shows. My then wife and I still helped out when we could – and I was exposed to a great many artistic avenues and businesses. One of these was Art Resin.

Like many hobbies, epoxy resin crafting, often grows beyond a pastime into a viable enterprise. Artisans express their passion and creativity through their crafts; and these creations often find an audience of customers wanting to obtain them as objets d’art and interior decoration accessories. Many of our ProMarine Epoxy Resin Customers started as hobbyists – and became entrepreneurs when they realized there is a market for their creations.

Eposy Resin Crafting

A great way to share not only one’s wares, but also insight into crafting ideas and tips, is to attend, or have a booth at, a craft show or artisan event. Many epoxy resin crafters feature a wide variety of items including furnishings such as lamps, tables, chairs; jewelry like earrings, necklaces and broaches; and an assortment of decorator accessories from napkin holders and rings to picture frames and cabinet and doorknobs.

One of our Epoxy Pro Customers, Tony Suarez of ProVision HandiCrafts, creates tables and “artful wall hangings” made of “different tidbits from nature” – all preserved in epoxy resin. Tony enjoys crafting with resin, “working with resin is more than a hobby, but not a job;” adding credibility to the axiom that if you do what you love – you’ll never work another day in your life.

Tony’s creativity, like many of our artisans and crafters, is constantly being channeled into other areas as he also creates decorative yet practical bowls – as well as canvas and wood artwork. We never know what inspirations our customers and ambassadors will come up with next – but we always look forward to their discoveries and enjoy their artistic journeys!

ProMarine Supplies

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