Removing Air Bubbles in Epoxy Resin

During the curing process, trapped air naturally escapes from epoxy resin. This is a normal part of the process – and the bubbles may be easily removed. The best way to “pop” these bubbles is with an acetylene torch during the curing process, which will gently heat the surface of the piece, causing the air bubbles to rise to the surface and “pop.”

If however, you find that your creation has a few leftover bubbles that were missed, crafty Epoxy Pro and ProMarine Supplies Customer Ks Prei has submitted the following steps (with images) that may be taken:

– Tips From Our Customer – by ‎Ks Prei‎ –

– Sand them out using 222 – 230 fine sand grit paper
– wipe it down with acetone or denatured alcohol
– use set of metal picks to easily clean out the residue
– squeeze a little water from rag into a hole to take our traces of dust/residue
– used the pick tool again and blew out the water.

Viola! A perfectly clean, residue-free hole!

Hope this “short” story helps someone else with those annoying air bubble holes!

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