Musician Makes Time for New Muse

Vlad Kost of Fine Grain Wood Works

One of our enthusiastic Epoxy Pros, Vlad Kost, discovered epoxy resin woodworking while searching for a new artistic outlet. Vlad was a professional musician on the west coast music scene, and after years of album releases and tours, decided it was family time and settled down.

But his desire to create still needed to be nurtured. So, he began an online search for a new way to express his artistic side and ingenuity – which led him from words and music – to woodworking and epoxy resin finishes.

Epoxy Resin Live Edge Table

“I enjoy working with wood and have made some decorative pieces for our home as well as some gifts for friends and family,” Vlad explained. “I experimented with several epoxy resins until I discovered ProMarine’s products. Once I tried theirs, I knew I had found what I was looking for.”

Epoxy Resin Bookshelves

Vlad’s projects thus far have included designing, building and finishing a variety of shelving, wall accents such as clocks and frames, and furniture including bed framework and tables. He’s currently working on some epoxy resin river tables – experimenting with different aesthetics.

Epoxy Resin Accent Table

“People seem to like my creations; I’ve sold a few items of home accent décor!” enthused Vlad. “I like to use ProMarine Epoxy Resin for topcoats in my work. The sheen it has is like glass – which I think is a big attraction – both for me and those who see my projects.”

Epoxy Resin Table

Aside from his ambitious hobby; Vlad is also an entrepreneur, with his own contracting business in North Carolina called ProVivid Home. His firm supplies comprehensive services, equipment and supplies to residential customers looking for home construction, remodeling and restoration.

“After life as a professional musician on the road, I’m settled down now – grateful for my family life,” Vlad explains. “I was looking for artistic expression and peace of mind – which I found in my woodworking with epoxy resin.”

You see more of Vlad’s work on Instagram.

We’d like to thank Vlad for taking the time for this story – and most of all – for being a valued ProMarine Supplies Customer!

To read Vlad’s story as a PDF and see more of his creations click 

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