Epoxy Resin Artist Leila Parnian

Versatile artist Leila Parnian designs and creates a wide variety of artwork – from wall murals and paintings to bespoke furnishings – often finished with ProMarine Epoxy Resin. Her artistry came to our attention through her “Colorful Epoxy Pour Tops” featured on her Facebook page.

Epoxy Resin Bar Top

Colorful Epoxy Resin Bar Top

She began her journey into art and design through her family’s successful furniture business in Scottsdale, AZ. Parnian Furniture was founded 42 years ago as a specialty designer, manufacturer and retailer of custom furnishings and accessories. Leila’s parents were both architects, establishing and growing their business by providing tailored collections to commercial and residential clientele. Incorporating exotic woods and specialty finishes to create stylish high-quality luxury furnishings that stand the test of time became their hallmark.

Leila’s creativity came into play in the family business initially as custom artwork she designed to accompany customers’ furniture purchases from the retail store. “Customers wanted accessories to enhance their purchases,” she explains, “so I would create custom art pieces to augment their furnishings, as well as match the décor and enhance the look they were trying to achieve in their homes and offices.”

Epoxy Resin Fluid Art Pour by Leila

Epoxy Resin Fluid Art Pour by Leila

Leila began painting professionally sixteen years ago (part time) and has devoted her time fully to her art for the past two years. She provides both on-site work for clients, as well as creating pieces from her studio. Currently, her services are booked for 2-3 months in advance as her offerings and business have grown.

Epoxy Resin Wildlife Painting

Epoxy Resin Wildlife Painting

Epoxy Resin Art by Leila

“My artistic muse just comes naturally to me,” she explained. “I find my art to be very therapeutic, where a painful experience or emotion from the past becomes a positive artistic creation – which I find to be a very cathartic and healing event. As the song goes, I try to ‘Accentuate the Positive!’”

Epoxy Resin Art Class

Epoxy Resin Art Class

Today, Leila’s multi-faceted approach to her artistry and design efforts and offerings includes being a muralist – spray painting for commercial and residential locales, working with oils, acrylics, exotic woods, metals, glass and more to create custom paintings and wall sculptures, as well as teaching classes and selling kits for her Pour Art – whereby her students create paintings on canvas by pouring and brushing paint into unique and intriguing designs.

In the future, Leila wants to evolve her artwork and business into her own line of furnishings and possibly a clothing line. She’d also like to design and paint murals on high-rises in cities around the globe. “If I could have positive inspirational influence on others – that would be my ultimate goal. Having a voice encouraging others to follow their dreams at whatever age and place they find themselves. It’s never too late to pursue your goals – wherever you are in life – just make it happen!”

We’d like to thank Leila for agreeing to be interviewed for this story! You can contact her and see more of her work by visiting her online:


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