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Epoxy Resin River Table

Black Walnut Charcuterie Table by Deep Forest Wood Works

There is a long history and storied heritage of crafting high-quality furniture in New York State. In fact, according to the Fenton History Center* in Jamestown, NY, “the town had over 100 furniture factories at one time,” and by 1900 was the second largest furniture producer in the U.S. Today, carpenters like Jeremy Dennis continue to follow those time-honored traditions of quality craftsmanship by producing hand-crafted furnishings that will stand the test of time.

We all have things in life that inspire and motivate us – some artistic, some pragmatic and some a bit of both. The scenic vistas and natural wonders of upstate New York were the inspirational catalyst for Jeremy Dennis to turn his “love of creating natural wood products” into the business, Deep Forest Wood Works…

River Tables from Deep Forest Wood Works

Maple River Table

Maple River Table

Crafting “custom live-edge wood pieces with epoxy” is the stock and trade of Deep Forest Wood Works. Jeremy transitions unique slabs of wood into one-of-a-kind custom furnishings using ProMarine epoxy resin and resin dyes to creatively and colorfully fill the voids in the wood. Just some of the furniture and accessories he creates include dining room tables, benches, accent and console tables, wall art and charcuterie boards.

“I take wooden slabs that may be seen as unusable by others and turn them into custom furnishings and artwork by integrating epoxy resin into the creative process,” Jeremy explains. “By building in this way, each piece is unique – the wall art and the furniture – every piece is a work of art!”

Maple Casted Resin Desk

Maple Casted Resin Desk

Jeremy relies on ProMarine Supplies epoxy resins due to “its consistent quality every time.” He continues, “I did my own epoxy resin research online and kept seeing ProMarine’s name and products as highly ranked as well as cost-effective for my needs. They’ve become more than just one of my suppliers – they’re part of my business!”

In the future, Jeremy would like to grow his business, Deep Forest Wood Works, beyond an online enterprise and have a showroom open to the public to highlight his custom furnishings creations. We wish him much success in that endeavor, in the meantime, you can find his artful and artisanal furniture and artwork on Facebook and Etsy.

Maple River Coffee Table

Maple River Coffee Table

ProMarine Supplies would like to thank Jeremy Dennis for his time and insights in the creation of this story!

*Fenton History Center


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