Epoxy Resin Creations by Aloha by Aldy

Epoxy Resin Surfboard by Amy “Aldy” Alderman of Aloha by Aldy

Amy Alderman and her husband create artwork inspired by the ocean and beach, as well as whatever evokes an “Aloha” sense of spirit into someone’s life. They started their company Aloha by Aldy together where, “my business partner/husband is my wood worker and finisher of most of my artwork. He actually created the wooden surfboard in the photo (below).”

Epoxy Resin Surfboard by Aloha by Aldy

Epoxy Resin Surfboard by Aloha by Aldy

“My love of the ocean is the inspiration that led me to create both my art and establish this business,” Amy explained. “My first childhood home in America was in a small town called Mexico Beach, FL. Playing on the beach as a kid is where I fell in love with the ocean. Later I married my husband who is active-service Army, and we were stationed on Oahu, Hawaii for three years. Both my children were born there, and generations of my family lived and grew up on Oahu too. In fact, my grandfather was in the armed forces as well, in the Airforce and is now retired on Oahu. When we moved away, I missed the culture and ocean so much I turned to art. I wanted to recreate that Aloha spirit I loved so much on island and share it with the world. Hence the creation of Aloha by Aldy.”

Discovering epoxy resin in general (and ProMarine Supplies in particular), helped Amy bring her artwork to life. “I’ve worked with multiple mediums my whole life, but resin brings in this polished and finished factor. I’ve used it as a sealer for both functional art throughout the home and office, as well as for strictly aesthetic fine art. It’s so versatile – the possibilities seem endless.”

Epoxy Resin Artwork by Aloha by Aldy

Epoxy Resin Artwork by Aloha by Aldy

Since the majority of Amy’s work is ocean and beach inspired and themed; epoxy resin helps her “bring the water to life.” She especially appreciates the way the waves movement, and texture are captured in particular. “I specialize with 3D waves – using epoxy resin makes them captivating! Resin also allows you to mix almost any medium in it to cast beautiful designs and endless molds.”

Amy is always on the lookout for new items of inspiration – currently crystals and geodes have attracted her attention. Her future plans are to open a custom resin furniture shop with her husband after he retires from the Army. She realizes that they’ll need more space than they currently have for these productions – so expansion will be in their future as well…

Epoxy Resin Artistry

Epoxy Resin Artistry

ProMarine Supplies was discovered by Amy’s father who used the firm’s tabletop epoxy resin to finish his bar top 10 years prior. “It still looks great,” she says so between his say so and the durability exemplified – she took the recommendation.

Other factors that swayed Amy to work with ProMarine Supplies were cost and the availability of fast, free shipping – which enabled her to keep her start-up and production costs manageable – and to get more epoxy resin quickly when needed to fulfill orders.

We’re very pleased and proud to have customers like Amy Alderman, and we thank her for her gracious input for this story! You can see more of Amy’s artwork on Facebook and Instagram.

Read the rest of the story & view Amy’s unique creations via PDF HERE

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