Epoxy Resin River Table

Alicia Taylor Working with Epoxy Resin

Two Passions – Whales & Epoxy Resin Tables

Alicia Taylor, a commercial real estate property manager for a hospital campus located in Conroe, Texas, delved into epoxy resin crafting as a “steam release.” At first, figuring she wouldn’t have a lot of free time for her newfound hobby, she dipped her toe into the crafting waters slowly. However, finding that she loved resin craftmanship, she jumped into designing and building River Tables for herself and family…

“I started this pastime as a mental-break hobby getting into woodworking using epoxy resin,” she explains. “Her assistants boyfriend uses epoxy resin, explained the technique, and coupled with the sequestration of 2020, I found it to be a perfect mind-clearing break from work.”

Alicia initially purchased a small amount of ProMarine resin from a local art supply store, and quickly discovered that she needed more. She considers her first attempt a learning-curve project – full of trials and tribulations. She contacted ProMarine’s customer service representatives (CSR), who were only too happy to help her along in the process.

Handcrafted Epoxy Resin Tables by Alicia

Handcrafted Epoxy Resin Tables by Alicia

“ProMarine CSR Christina Collier was wonderful! She was so patient, giving me advice throughout the mixing, applying and curing procedures. My first epoxy resin task was to apply layers to my son’s bar top for him. It was a labor of love.”

Since then, with her learning curve behind her, Alicia has designed and crafted several River Tables for her home, as well as a set of tables for her son and daughter-in-law. Some of her unique designs spring forth from another passion of hers – photographing whales in their natural habitat around the globe.

Epoxy Resin Table

Epoxy Resin Whale Table

“One of the pieces I created for myself is a coffee table depicting a whale breaching out of the deep blue sea! I love the way that the material allows me the ability to highlight different aspects of the scene using glossy resin and colored pigments – it makes for a very dynamic look. I’ve also created a table presenting the outline of our state of Texas, filling in the image with shell casings.”

Epoxy Resin Tables in process

Epoxy Resin Tables in the works…

Epoxy Resin Table

Alicia’s Wood & Epoxy Resin “Texas” Table

“I’m very impressed with ProMarine’s epoxy resin and especially happy with the report I’ve established with the company in general and Christina’s help in particular. I feel like I’ve discovered the perfect hobby for me – thanks to everyone at ProMarine!”

We wish Alicia a happy 2021 and all the best in her future endeavors; and want to thank her sincerely for her input in making this story happen!


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