Epoxy Resin River Table

The Epoxy Resin Desk that started it all…

Avid photographer and skilled carpenter, Lenny Burkhardt has combined his loves of creative imagery and craftsmanship into an epoxy resin business crafting custom river tables. However, the route he took to discover his newfound business was one of just being in the right place at the right time. And realizing that since opportunity was knocking – might as well open the door.

Epoxy Resin Dining Table

Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table

“I’ve always enjoyed carpentry and crafting with wood and working with my hands,” Lenny explains. “I was thinking about making a desk for a while, and I just happened to drive past a place that sold live edge slabs, and the idea was born to use that material for the desktop. Then I looked online and found videos about river tables – and the whole concept came together.”

Epoxy Resin River Tables

River Tables in process…

Another of Lenny’s passions that influence his crafting is his love of the water. An enthusiastic surfer, he draws inspiration from the ocean that he expresses in his river tables. “I went to film school and I’m a pretty good photographer, so I try to express my vision in my craft. When I’m mixing pigments and creating pieces – I feel like an artist!”

Lenny’s business has been steadily growing through word of mouth. He met an epoxy resin flooring professional, who, when he hears that his customers are interested in river tables, he refers them to Lenny. “I’m building my portfolio, strictly on commissioned orders, and when I have enough of these complete – I’ll build a website. The business has really taken off!”

His first desk and coffee table sold quickly, and Lenny now has a queue of both orders to fulfill and quotation requests to answer. Between his night job as a district manager for a concierge service, and his days filled with epoxy resin river tables, Lenny keeps himself very busy. Not to mention his family with two children!

Epoxy Resin River Table

River Table by Lenny Burkhardt

A bit of online homework led him to ProMarine’s epoxy resins he explains, “ProMarine’s products are great to work with – they cure quickly and well.” Lenny uses both ProMarine’s casting and tabletop epoxy resin products – the former for pouring the “rivers,” and the latter for finish coating and sealing. “ProMarine has been great to work with. Their customer service team reached out to me, helping me to get established, that meant a lot.”

Live Edge Wood Slabs

A Selection of Live Edge Wood Slabs

As his business grows, Lenny would like to have dedicated space in which to work – rather than at his home-based workshop. He also plans on launching an interactive website where customers can design their own custom furnishings – selecting the wood type, design layout and colors – giving customers “exactly what they want.”

“I was meant to do this. This is such a therapeutic process for me – I’m loving building the tables and the business and seeing it all grow!”

Epoxy Resin Kitchen Table

Epoxy Resin Kitchen Table

Lenny Burkhardt may be reached at:

ProMarine Supplies would like to thank Lenny for his time in speaking with us for this story. We wish him all the best in his endeavors!


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