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Epoxy Resin Artisans Share their Creations

Our May contest entries netted some great shared stories! We are so very proud that our community of epoxy resin adventurers have not only found some amazing ways to use our offerings; but ‘blown away’ by these personal accounts and shared stories:

  • Good morning, would love to share my story with you. I lost my middle son to brain cancer when he was 2. My oldest son started a cancer foundation in his memory. I started refinishing tables & a few other things to help raise money at our events. Recently starting using your product & now our orders have more than doubled & people are loving our designs. Your product is awesome & is helping us raise the money we need to buy toys, books & lots of other things for our Kansas City Children’s Hospital. ~ Delbert Hammond (see an example of Delbert’s work below)+
  • My adventure begins with two medicine cups, and usually stainless-steel cups covered in glitter goodness. They get a couple of coats of beautiful Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy, with a touch of personalized love from a decal or water slide image. Watching the epoxy dry, cleaning them up with some soap and water for one last look before they are shipped to a loving new home. That’s when a new adventure begins with more creativity flowing. There’s nothing that makes me happier than the endless possibilities with the best epoxy in the world. ~ Patricia Jones
  • I am a Mixed media Abstract Artist, self-taught and making different kinds of Art for more than two decades. I was fascinated by Resin Art and I bought a two-part Resin from a craft store. It kept sitting in my studio unused for three months because I didn’t have the courage to take the chance. Then I found Pro Marine tabletop Resin. As soon as I checked into their website, I ordered the two-quart kit and used it the same day it was delivered. I loved the ease of working with it and the shiny glass like finish. Since then, I have not looked back. People love my Seascapes and other pieces that I finish with Pro Marine resin. With a huge following on FB and Instagram I am passing along my great experiences…this is my happy place; Pro Marine is home! ~ A very proud user, Asmita Tyagi (a sample of Asmita’s work is above)
  • I’m a professional interior artist and have been using resin consistently in my work for the last two years. I started out using other brands of resin and quickly learned there are key differences between brands. My first resin experience, purchased from a craft store, turned yellow within a week. And, this brand of resin gave me incredible headaches after every use! I researched other brands and found Pro Marine Supplies. Pro Marine resin turned out to be perfect. No yellowing, zero headaches. Pro Marine is very affordable, great customer service, and the product produces excellent results! ~ Best, Jen Lashua
  • I’m a physician. This past year I have really struggled with stress and anxiety at work. It has been difficult to cope with patient deaths and the extremely long work hours. I turned to art to help my cope. It has become my new wellness. Working with epoxy resin has become my newest love. Using a creative outlet has saved me from my anxiety and stress. I discover Pro Marine Supplies epoxy resin recently and it is now my go-to resin. I am so thankful that I’ve found this medium to create with. Wellness is so important and working with resin is my wellness. ~ All the best, Greta Braun, DO (see image below)

epoxy resin

Image above from Greta Braun

epoxy resin

Image above from Delbert Hammond

Again, your stories have touched our hearts! Keep up the good work – and we’re always here to help! Contact Us

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