Epoxy Resin in Building & Construction

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Epoxy Resin Applications

Epoxy resins; provide a wide range of solutions in a variety of applications due to their superior adhesion, coating capabilities and durability. Strong and flexible bonding properties enable permanent adhesion to a great many materials including wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal, glass and plastics. Epoxy resins are used extensively across many industries as adhesives, paints, coatings and fillers.

People from all walks of life use epoxy resin every day in their endeavors – both personal and professional. Crafters and artisans create decorative household and personal items such as jewelry, buttons, paperweights, cabinet knobs, and napkin holders – all uniquely styled using epoxy. Home do-it-yourselfers craft furniture and accessories like hand-made coffee tables personalized with photos and other ephemera – sealing these keepsakes with epoxy resin for long-lasting memories.

On the professional side; epoxy resin is used by plumbers in leak-proof sealants. Painters’ coat and seal surfaces, especially metal, using paint containing epoxy resin. Flooring, tiling and grouting professionals employ epoxy adhesives to install industrial floor coverings, bond tiles to substrate and grout seams. And epoxy resin is used extensively in aerospace, marine and electrical applications to reinforce, seal, insulate and protect surfaces and sensitive inner components.

Epoxy Resin In Industry

In industrial painting and sealing applications, epoxy coatings are applied to substrates such as steel and concrete for a hard-shell finish that is chemical and solvent resistant – for use on bridges and other infrastructure that is exposed to the elements. The chemical and paint experts at Sherwin Williams say epoxy coatings, “are typically used on concrete and steel to give resistance to water, alkali and acids. It is the specific selection and combination of the epoxy component and the hardener component that determines the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment.”

Versatile epoxy resins are everywhere. From the coating of the metal bridge that you just drove over, to the turbine blades of a green-energy wind farm; this stable, lightweight and durable material helps make our lives easier and better in myriad ways. Residential use for crafts and DIY furniture and accessory projects – coupled with the wide variety of professional and industrial applications such as those cited above – highlight just how instrumental this polymer has become. More than “Resin” enough!

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