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Hello Epoxy Pros!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Dog Days of Summer Contest! The five winning entries appear below – each of whom will receive an epoxy resin kit from ProMarine Supplies!

Dogs Days of Summer Contest Winners:

Epoxy Resin Crafting

“The Ride Begins” End Table by Kelly Lawrence

This summer I was commissioned to carve an End Table from a cedar round slab, it is 3ft in diameter. The client wanted it to be used as decoration for an upcoming wedding for her son, who designed the logo and saying carved into this slab.

They requested turquoise coloration in the voids of the wood and a clear protective epoxy resin coating for use later in the new couple’s home. I decided to create a 1/2-inch recess in the wood, and router the lettering, and then I was ready for epoxy.

As I was on a time crunch, with 3 weeks to complete this project, I babysat each pour – ensuring a crystal-clear top. The happy clients used this as a table decoration for their wedding as pictured above!

Thank you for allowing me to serve my customers as well as you have served me.

Kelly Lawrence, KL Carvings

Epoxy Resin Wave Lamp

Margery Bradshaw’s Wave Lamp

This summer I worked on this unique Wave Lamp, a multi-step process, that started with the wave itself. Using tin foil cut into a sail shape, blue pigment, a glass cylinder and epoxy resin – I was able to fashion the wave. For the base, I used foam core adding layers of sand, shells and epoxy held in place by a silicone border. Hot glue was used to attach the wave to the base and the entire piece received several layers of epoxy resin – pigmented blue where I wanted the “water” to be. Another foam core piece was used in the back of the piece to attach the lamp fixture, and cork was added to the base to protect furniture. The globe for the lamp was originally clear – so I coated it with blue epoxy to match!

Margery Bradshaw, Dragonfly Wood Designs

Epoxy Resin Wood Floor (before)Epoxy Resin Wood Floor (after)

Steve Elliott’s Wood Floor – Before & After Epoxy Resin

I acquired some old lumber from a deck coincidentally at the time I was working on this floor. In trying to decide what type of tile to use, instead came up with bright idea to use this 1″ thick by 5 1/2″ wide lumber. A bigger job than I initially thought!

While taking a break from working on the floor, and browsing the Internet, I discovered Pro Marine Epoxy Resin and their examples of tables and large concrete floors finished with epoxy resin. So, I started thinking, “why can’t I do this wood floor in the same way?”

I started researching how apply epoxy to wood and the proper way to mix it. I took lots of time prepping the floor, as I wanted it to come out right the first time. When it was time to pour the epoxy resin, I was a bit nervous! I had one person helping me by doing the mixing while I poured and spread the mixture, followed by going over the surface with a torch to remove the bubbles.

Well guess what? It came out beautiful as shows in the photo!

Steve Elliott, DIY Extraordinaire

Epoxy Resin DeskEpoxy Resin Desk

Ashley Parillo’s “Marble” Epoxy Desk – Before, After & in Her Nook

This summer I tackled a “faux marble” epoxy desk. It was more than just a project; it was a huge stress outlet for me. In the middle of the project on June 11 my grandma passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. I was happy with how it came out, being my first-time using epoxy, and was beyond impressed with your product. This project will always have special meaning to me. Sadly, I wish grandma was able to see the finished project.

Ashley Parillo

Epoxy Resin Artwork

Epoxy Resin Artwork

Meditative Artwork by Debra Sweeting

In order to lighten the mood of being quarantined for months due to a global pandemic, I started experimenting with epoxy resin. It has been a beautiful journey of artistry that’s meditative to do with rewarding results. I use ProMarine epoxy resin exclusively and love the results of my work!

Debra Sweeting

Thanks again to all the entrants!

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