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Does Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy Have Casting Abilities?

While customers have been using Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy for a variety of casting projects like jewelry, river tables, and encapsulations; we now have our ProPour Casting Resin designed specifically for casting projects, and ProArt Art Resin which is specially formulated for artisans and crafters.

That is NOT to say that our Table Top Epoxy Resin can’t continue to be used for artwork and casting; there are just a few things to be aware of when doing so. Table top epoxy should not be poured any thicker than 1/4″ at a time so the epoxy does not generate an excessive amount of heat as it is curing. This could cause the epoxy to crack and ruin your project. You should wait between 4 and 10 hours for each “coat”. You will also want to be sure that you cast in a mold that the epoxy will not stick to, such as one made out of silicone.

DIY Project – Making Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Here is a list of materials you will need for your project:

  • Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy, ProPour Casting Resin or ProArt Art Resin
  • Resin Jewelry Mold
 – resin fillers: studs, jewelry, dried flowers, feathers, etc
  • wax paper (to protect work surface as epoxy resin will not stick to it)
  • latex gloves and eye protection – glasses/goggles – Safety First!
  • medicine cups (from cough syrup) or plastic measuring cup (if doing a large batch)
  • blow dryer or heat gun (a torch may melt the silicon if not used very carefully)
  • wooden popsicle stick – to stir resin and hardener
  • toothpicks (for design)
  • shoebox or plastic bin (to cover molds as they harden)
  • jewelry items: ring pads, clasps, flat safety pins,
  • E-6000 quick hold adhesive (if making rings or pins)

Online Resources for Your Project:

Table Top Epoxy Resin Instructions

ProPour Casting Resin Instructions

ProArt Art Resin Instructions

Epoxy Resin Earring How-to Video

So wherever your epoxy resin project (or imagination) takes you – there’s an epoxy resin that will work!

Happy Crafting!

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