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Emma Chapman’s Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Epoxy Resin Expressions

It seems that all too often, we find ourselves with a “to do” list of chores that we feel are hanging over our heads. Perhaps, if we can “spin” some of these tasks into ways of expressing our creativity; we may find that they’ve morphed from drudgery into feel-good accomplishments…

For instance, most of us at any given moment have something that needs repairing around the house – maybe a piece of furniture that needs refinishing or replacing, or some molding, a window frame or column that requires attention. You can approach this in an “it’s always something” way; or as an opportunity to liven up your home with a personal touch. And working with our epoxy resin will help get you started…

A great example of adding a unique and decorative furnishing to your home is highlighted on the website ‘A Beautiful Mess,’ a lifestyle company with a focus on creating happiness through homemade creations, founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. In the post, ‘DIY Epoxy Resin Coffee Table,’ Emma explains how the addition of a new puppy to the household facilitated the need for a new coffee table, and her vision for the project,

“Most of the time when I see these types of tables, people will add pennies or bottle caps to a tabletop and seal it with epoxy resin so the surface is smooth and hard. I’ve also seen a few with old (vintage photos) or with sealed-in menus (I saw one like this at a bar in Nashville last year). I decided to use personal photos along with some thin-sliced geodes I purchased locally.

“We created a video of how we made our epoxy resin tabletop. I watched a lot of different videos online while I was researching different types of epoxy resin products and procedures. Most of the videos I found either didn’t explain the process well (usually they felt too vague and left me with a lot of questions), or they were exceptionally long and made the process seem way more difficult than I found it needed to be. Once I tried it I found it really wasn’t that difficult! So I kept this in mind as we worked to create our video.”

Another perhaps less expressively creative home project – but one that will add years to the life of your home and give you a great sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment; is repairing rotted wood molding, columns and window frames – which we’ll cover in next week’s blog. Stay tuned…

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