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Congratulations to Jason Cook from Oswego, New York for winning the December Instagram Photo Contest! We loved that Jason is using our Pro Marine Tabletop Epoxy Resin for this major home project!

The wall in the picture is made from stained glass, crushed beer bottles, and blown glass “fruit”. The triangle windows up top and the eight transom windows were built from scratch with forms and resin, and the others are glass windows with the resin encasing the glass “leaves”.

Jason and his wife came up with the idea because they wanted to bring the feeling of nature into the room. When deciding to add another room to their house, they had to remove a tree to do so. They wanted to include the feel of that tree into the new home addition. They are going to use the 4 gallons of Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy that they’ve won to finish the floor, which will include a river (similar to the one outside of their house) filled with glass beads, sand, and other mixed media.

We can’t wait to see pics of the finished project! Thank You for sharing – and best wishes in your endeavors!

To see the original post, visit Jason’s page here.

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