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Congrats to our Instagram Photo Contest Winner for February!

You can check out more of Court and Jess’s work on Instagram and their website.

PartCraft LLC is a small startup based in rural Southern Oregon. We build high end epoxy resin “Wood Art” level heirloom furniture and other wood products. We embrace both traditional materials and techniques, as well as cutting-edge technology and processes to build our work. We love to combine the beauty of wood with the utility of steel, the possibilities of epoxy, and the modernity of electronics. We are always experimenting and pushing the limits to build something new, so follow along as see what is possible!

Would you like to build a table like this? Check out how in this full instruction Guide: “LED LIT WALNUT AND RESIN-RIVER COFFEE TABLE THAT CHARGES YOUR PHONE

Would you like to be our next winner? Please submit photos of your work on Instagram with #ProMarine AND #ProMarineMarch2018 for a chance to win a $150 gift card. (Photos can be submitted until March 31, 2018.) 

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