The finished pink and white tumbler from a 'making tumblers with epoxy' guide next to ProMarine Supplies ProArt bottles.

How to Epoxy a Tumbler

Looking to shine with a custom-made accessory at your side? With our epoxy resin products, you can craft the tumbler of your dreams! To start, here are the tools you’ll need:

  • A tumbler
  • Gloves
  • A tumbler turner
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Stirring sticks
  • Sandpaper
  • ProArt Epoxy Kit (our tumbler epoxy choice!)
  • Tape
  • Utility measuring cups
  • Spray paint
  • Safety goggles or glasses (make sure you wear proper PPE throughout!)
  • Paper towels

How To Make A Glitter Tumbler

First, be sure to thoroughly clean your tumbler with isopropyl alcohol and allow it to air dry. 

A metal tumbler being wiped down with isopropyl alcohol. 

A metal tumbler being wiped down with isopropyl alcohol.

Then, depending on what tumbler you use, you can either section off the top lip of it with some tape or not. This is meant to leave the lip of the tumbler free of epoxy, which we recommend.

Use sandpaper to rough up the bottom and sides of the tumbler as shown. To begin decorating, it’s easiest to have tumbler turner for the cup to sit on.

A metal tumbler being sanded before it gets epoxied.

At this point, you can get creative! For instance, in this image, several layers of a dark pink spray paint were applied. You can mix it up with a multicolored design or keep it simple. Whatever you decide, always make sure you work in a well-ventilated area and follow appropriate safety procedures.

A metal tumbler getting spray painted pink before epoxy resin is applied.

Let any paint you apply dry overnight. Preferably on your tumbler turner. You might want to lay down plastic on the surface below your drying tumbler to avoid a future mess.

Once dried, leave your tumbler on the turner and fetch your epoxy kit! Wear gloves and combine as instructed, stirring thoroughly. For ProMarine Supplies’ ProArt kit, the resin to hardener volume ratio is 1 to 1.

ProMarine Supplies ProArt resin being mixed for learning how to resin a tumbler.

With your tumbler turner on, start applying small amounts of epoxy. Put on gloves and use your gloved hand to evenly spread the resin. To achieve a marbled look, you can mix a small amount of resin and white dye. Then, while the tumbler is spinning on the turner, use a popsicle stick to add white streaks. 

Our crafters wonder typically how many coats of epoxy is enough for their tumbler. It does depend on what you’re creating, but the average is 2-3 coats.

A How to Epoxy Tumblers guide step that shows a pink tumbler on a turner with resin being poured on it.

To properly seal all the layers beneath, we recommend using a topcoat of your resin. For a sparkling finish, you can mix in
glitter from our friends at Alumilite to realize your epoxy glitter tumbler vision.

Like before, pour some of the resin out and smooth it over the surface of your tumbler with your fingers. If any epoxy drips off the edges while you’re applying it, feel free to scoop it up. You can then reapply it to avoid material waste!

Glitter clear resin being added to a pink and white marbled resin tumbler.

Let your project dry and cure for the recommended time until the surface is tack-free. This means none of the product that you applied will still be wet or come off.

A close up of the glitter-finished pink and white epoxy resin tumbler.

Don’t forget to remove tape if you applied it earlier.

And then, finally, your masterpiece is complete. Take any beverage on the go with your stylish new cup! Or create matching cups for friends and family! When our resin cures, it will provide you with moisture, wear-and-tear, and corrosion resistance.

A close shot of the top of the pink and white glitter tumbler.

Epoxy Resin Tumbler Ideas

Seeking to be inspired? Many of our customers have used our products to come up with their own epoxy cup ideas that suit their style. Here are some recents examples of just how limitless your creativity can be!

A gold and white glitter epoxy tumbler by @whichcraftsbybailee on Instagram.

This custom tumbler made by
@whichcraftsbybailee is inventive and dapper, with one side mirroring the image of glittering marble.

A blue and green geode glitter tumbler by @dulce_prints on Instagram.

@dulce_prints really made their tumbler cup shine and sparkle with a graphic and vibrant visage like the inside of a geode.

Colorful epoxy tumbler ideas by @cmoreart203 on Instagram.

@cmoreart203 leaves no friend behind with their personalized parade of tumblers reflecting the personalities of the whole gang.

Lastly, we wanted to leave you with some tips from one of our Pro Customers!


1. “Less is more because you can always apply more epoxy” (taking layers off takes so much sanding and sometimes you can’t remove the layers).

2. I use a 2-inch flat silicone paint brush. Get one ASAP because when making Tumblers the more surface you can cover in the evenest way possible, will allow you to accomplish a ‘million dollar shine’ using ProMarine and a silicone brush!”

If you have any questions, visit us at our
FAQs and Contact Us pages. Otherwise, feel free to share your creations with us on our Instagram.

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