Ocean resin art furniture by various Instagram artists.

For many of us, winter hasn’t ended, but spring
is on the horizon. While we can’t hit the beach quite yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the beach to us. What do we mean by this?

Well, we’ve previously talked about the beloved
resin ocean art technique and more specifically how to apply this technique to a cutting board. Many artists in the resin crafting community have taken this technique even further by applying it to larger items like furniture.

Today, we have for you all seven pieces of ocean resin art furniture to inspire you! All created by members of our wonderful Instagram community.

Ocean Resin Art Furniture

Let’s take a look at these seven ocean resin art furniture pieces to understand how far artists can truly go with this technique. In no particular order, let’s begin.

#1: Adirondack Chairs

Ocean resin art adirondack chairs by @olivialeighdesigns on Instagram.

When you’re getting your outdoor space ready for the spring and summer, why not consider refurbing your seasonal seating with ocean resin art?
@olivialeighdesigns has got the right idea with these gorgeous dark wood Adirondack chairs. Using ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin, they mimicked the beauty of ocean waves on the chair’s armrest, creating an excellent contrast with the chair’s base material.

Whether you plan on sitting by the fireside or in your backyard, regardless of whether there’s a single grain of sandy beach to be seen, you can at least revel in the aesthetic of the ocean until it starts to gets a bit warmer.

#2: Black Side Table

Ocean resin art black side table by @washed_up_oceanart on Instagram.

There’s something positively seamless about the beautiful waves
@washed_up_oceanart created on this black side table. When used properly, ProMarine Supplies epoxies can help produce smooth and glossy ocean resin art on a variety of surfaces to transform any space. We’re completely mesmerized by the way this ocean art seems like it’s been a part of the piece from the very beginning.

#3: Antique End Tables

Ocean resin art antique end tables by @riffraffrevival on Instagram.

Not only are these end tables unique in terms of their structure, but they’ve also gotten a spectacular makeover with several layers of epoxy and vibrant mica powders. @riffraffrevival has managed to breathe new life into these antique pieces, fittingly giving them their own revival.

Also, we just have to say it, the staging in this photograph is next level!

#4: Sofa Table

Ocean resin art sofa table by @mamaofdramadesign on Instagram.

This sleek sofa table by @mamaofdramadesign is the perfect combination of pretty and practical, with layers of ocean resin art on its topmost shelf. The soft blue oceans waves compliment the lighter wood material beneath while also creating a bold, stand-out design.

#5: Tray Side Table

Ocean resin art tray side table by @flywheelindustries on Instagram.

Use epoxy resin to turn an ordinary tray side table into a snapshot of a gorgeous ocean shoreline, just like @flywheelindustries did! Not only does this serve its role as a side table, but the trays can actually be separated from the table itself. That way, you can use them to transport things or hang them on a wall to really show off this stunning artwork.

#6: Circular Side Table

Ocean resin art circle side table by @timcurtis10 on Instagram.

We love how the ocean resin art on this circular side table by @timcurtis10 appears to be flowing off its canvas. With epoxy that imitates the lifelike flow of water that the epoxy imitates, we can practically hear the sound of the ocean waves rolling across the shoreline from this special custom order.

#7: Sliding Shower Door

Ocean resin art shower sliding door by @laserpic on Instagram.

It’s not technically a piece of furniture, but we couldn’t resist talking about this sliding shower door by @laserpic. The level of detail is extraordinary, and the use of various shells and sand to create texture on top of the beautifully done resin ocean art makes us feel like we can truly hear the ocean!

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What kinds of furniture and decor would you like to improve using the resin ocean art technique with? Beyond furniture, we’ve seen ocean art designs integrated into everything from notebook covers to the above sliding shower doors, and we’re continuously delighted by the ingenuity of the resin community.

If you have some ocean resin art you’d like to share, feel free to tag us on our various social media accounts! To create your own, shop the products listed below, or peruse all of our wares.

Beach lovers, in what small ways do you try to bring the beach home with you? Let us know in the comments.

And, as always, happy crafting!

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