1. Read the directions. Is the resin mix a 1:1 ratio? Will you be mixing by weight or by volume? How long will my project take to cure? Once you have read all the directions, please make sure to follow them. You may think that since you have worked with resin in the past its all the same? Every resin is a little different, and its instructions are tailored to make sure you are successful. By following the direct instructions, you will avoid many factors which can go wrong.

2. Measure Accurately. When you mix large volumes of resin if you are off by a little, it may not be a big deal. But when you mix only a little bit even if that is just a half a teaspoon short it is going to make a significant difference. Using a measuring cup every time can save you many problems.

3. Mix Thoroughly. Part A and B part should be mixed until don’t see any more swirls, and the color looks uniform. It will take some effort Mix A and B correctly by scraping the sides and bottom of the cup, along with your stir stix. Keep in mind when mixing remember to blend for 10 percent of the working time. For example, if the working time is 30 minutes, mix for 3 minutes.

4. Choose the correct resin for your project. Research pays off. Are you looking for a resin that cures hard? Are you looking for a resin that is food safe?

5. Know your abilities. Resin is lots of fun and requires skills that can be mastered. Learn how resin works. Start small. Read carefully and follow instructions. Get good at the basics first. Above all have Fun!

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