When it comes to creating, discovering your “aha” moment is key for every masterpiece that you dream up. That inspiration can take root from the smallest of details down to the color and shape of an object or the way a leaf floats on the wind—literally anything can serve to fuel that artistic spirit.

While we were browsing through the beautiful projects made by the resin artisans of Instagram, it was the variety of resin coffee tables we saw that really got us thinking. Resin’s versatility as a crafting tool is undeniable, and it can truly bring to life any aesthetic that you relate to.

Today, we wanted to share with you some of the pieces we had the privilege of seeing and talk about the variety of interior design aesthetics they bring to mind.

Glam/Old Hollywood

White and gold geode resin coffee table by @karenkingartstudio on Instagram.

Cliché as it may sound, we want to make sure the film is rolling when we talk about @karenkingartstudio’s glam resin coffee table. And glamorous really is the word of choice when it comes to this piece. The flakes of glitzy gold alone are enough to conjure up images of what we know as glam interior design.

Pulling from the influences of the Old Hollywood aesthetic, glam style is all about extravagance through the use of mirror finishes, glittering metallics, and intermittent elements of faux fur, marble, velvet, and satin. On top of that, when dreaming up a color palette for your glam aesthetic, you can go more subtle with pastels or embrace the drama of dark walls and jewel tones.

Art Deco/Retro

Multicolored resin coffee table by @jewliasart on Instagram.

In our opinion, retro is always in, and @jewliasart’s vibrant resin coffee table is giving us major retro and art deco vibes. Retro is a tricky word because, from an etymological standpoint, it is an imitation of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past. This is both straightforward and a little vague, but originally, retro interior design was associated with the more specific time periods of the 1960s and 1970s. This means bold elements like color, shape, and pattern.

It’s worth noting that retro fashion also contains influences from Arts Décoratifs, or art deco, another artistic style that this coffee table evokes. Similarly, this style is composed of “rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work.” So, colors and shapes that stand out, with curved or angled lines, are the overall foundation for these designs. Both retro and art deco styles can be overwhelming if excessively applied, but designers advise that pairing stylistic items with more modern pieces can even out the tone.


Ocean art resin coffee table by @kayla_toth_art on Instagram.

Hoist up the anchor and set sail because @kayla_toth_art’s resin coffee table is taking us to the seaside. One look at this piece has our mind immediately going coastal. So, let’s talk about what makes up coastal interior design.

Coastal interior design is defined by the aesthetics’ “reflection of natural seaside elements—surf, sand, and sky—in your home through color and texture.” What does this mean in practice? Well, what colors do you think of when you hear the word ocean? When you’re on a beach, what do you see around you and how can you incorporate that in your home in a multifaceted way?

Shades of blues and greens are what add pops of color, both literally and figuratively, to common neutral base color palettes of coastal interior design. Although the above table does lean a bit more toward the nautical (which is what you get when you continue to crank up that seaside influence) in initial appearance, it’s ocean art color palette and natural lighter wood construction are touchstones in coastal design.


Yosemite National Park resin coffee table by @bluehouse_sac on Instagram.

To us, @Bluehouse_sac’s depiction of Yosemite National Park carved into a slab of Sequoia brings to mind all the beloved elements of rustic interior design. Rustic is a widely used term, but it generally refers to something that has a simple rural or countryside charm to it. What does this mean in terms of decoration?

Rustic interior design’s whole deal is about creating a comforting and warm space. Think outdoors, and embrace the perfect imperfection that comes from nature. Homeowners can achieve this through the use of earthy tones and muted accent shades of reds, tans, blues and greens. Natural elements like wood, stones, antlers, and faux furs supply textural depth and contrast. At its very core, rustic design helps bring in the charm of nature while maintaining function in your living space.

Art Nouveau

@allhomederek’s cedar and resin coffee table invokes the soft tones and whimsical lines of art nouveau interior design. Art nouveau design was first introduced in the 19th century, when it was considered extremely avant-garde. The main drive behind art nouveau design was to “incorporate art and design in everyday living.” This includes turning everyday functional items into artistic masterpieces through the use of floral motifs, elongated curving lines, strong linear shapes, and more muted tones.

Although this coffee table definitely reads rustic as well, it’s the softer, neutral tones and the organic flowing lines of the cedar that really evokes art nouveau. The shapes of natural elements, such as plants, play a huge part in art nouveau décor, after all.

Home Is Where the Art Is

What types of interior decorating styles do you think of when you see these pieces? It’s incredible that the most subtle elements can inspire the aesthetic of an entire home design aesthetic and, in fact, often play a huge role in tying a room together. Whether you’re creating resin coffee tables for yourself, for friends and family, or for a business, we hope it’s uplifting to know that your piece could be the thing that inspires or brings everything together.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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