Pink and purple 3D flower resin coasters by @elena_stone_homedecor on Instagram.

We all know that when it comes to entertaining, whether for the everyday celebration or the holiday season, the perfect table setup is key. More than anything, the perfect coaster can serve as a beautiful and practical decorative element, and even a great gift for friends and family!

These coasters that we’re going to talk about today employ a mix of the resin petri dish effect and the mesmerizing patterns of 3D flower coasters. To bring a little more spring into your décor, why not give these a try?

If you’d prefer to watch and learn alongside a video, this process done by @elena_stone_homedecor can be viewed in a video below:

3D Flower Resin Coasters

What Do We Need?

Let’s Get Started!

Before beginning your project, have everything you need set up in a well-ventilated workspace with great airflow. Read over the instructions for ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin if you’re unfamiliar with working with it.

Measure out and mix our Table Top Epoxy Resin with its 1:1 by volume ratio in mind. When it comes to figuring out how much resin you need for a project, we have a great tool that you can turn to called our epoxy calculator.

Mix together the two components of epoxy resin until they’re thoroughly combined. One of the easiest ways to tell if they’re mixed properly is by checking to make sure there are no swirls or striations in the material.

For these, we’ll use a few different colors, so when you finish mixing your resin, separate into several different cups. You can use whichever color you prefer, but since we’re focusing on pink and purple, we’ll need two cups for those colors, one cup for clear resin, and one cup to mix up the white.

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin being mixed together for a 3D resin flower tutorial on coasters.

Next, you’ll want to add some of ETI’s Castin’ Craft White Opaque Pigment to one of your cups and mix it in with a popsicle stick. Remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to adding color—and be sure to combine thoroughly. This pigment is almost like a secret ingredient when it comes to getting that 3D texture that you see in the resin petri dish effect.

Adding opaque white pigment to resin for the resin petri dish effect.

To dye our resin, we’ll add a few drops of the colors we chose. We also added a few drops of the pink to our purple to create a unique hue.

You can use your handheld blowtorch to torch any surface bubbles that might have cropped up during the mixing process while the resin is still in the cup.

Resin tinted with pink and purple dyes for creating 3D flower resin coasters.

Next, we’ll take our opaque white pigment and pour it into our icing bag. It’s best to use the popsicle stick you used to mix the color into the epoxy. Push all of the white epoxy to the tip of the icing bag, leaving a little for you to cut an opening. This will give you overall better control over the designs you create.

Pouring white pigment mixed with resin into an icing bag.

Here’s where you can choose to get creative or try out the specific designs we’ve made. We’ll continue the instruction on these specific designs.

For the first coaster, pour some of the purple resin around the edge of the mold. Fill the middle with clear resin.

Pouring purple resin around the edge of a coaster mold and clear resin in the middle.

Add the rock chip additives and glitter. These will go in the middle of every coaster. Then, use the pipping bag to pipe your pattern/shapes into the resin. We made several circles of dots.

The white pigment will shift over time as it comes to rest within the resin, which will result in your pattern shifting. Don’t fret, this is exactly what we want!

Adding glitter and stone chips to resin and piping white resin to create 3D flower resin coasters.

Let’s move onto the next coaster. Pour the pink resin around the edges of the mold, like we did with the first coasters. Put the clear resin and additives in the middle.

Pouring pink and clear resin in a coaster mold and adding glitter and stone chips to the center.

We’re going to do a different design for each coaster. Starting close to the center, we drew out flower petals in multiple layers.

White resin being used to create 3D resin flower art for a coaster.

Take a clean popsicle stick and run lines through the resin where the petals meet. This will help the lines be more defined as everything settles.

Using a popsicle stick to create patterns in resin coasters.

Onto the third one! This time, we’ll use the purple to outline the mold and put the clear resin in the center once more. Once the stone chips and glitter have been added, create a swirling pattern starting from the outside and moving in.

Creating a swirl design by piping white resin for 3D flower resin coasters.

Touch up the tail on that swirl pattern so that it connects before moving onto our fourth coaster. The last two we’ll be using our pink resin.

Pour around the edge and prepare the center like we’ve been doing. We then use our icing bag to pipe lines of the white resin from the edge to the center. Each section made these lines gets three dots in a triangle formation near the coaster’s edge.

It ends up looking kind of like the inside of a fruit!

Creating designs in clear and pink resin coasters with white pigmented resin.

Prepare the final coaster like the others. For this one, we’re going to do a similar swirling design like we did for the third one. See the image below and on the right to get an idea.

Using white resin to make a swirl design on a pink and clear 3D flower resin coaster.

With what remains of our resin, we’re going to add more dots on our first coaster before finishing the final design.

Piping white resin onto 3D resin flower coaster designs.

Now, take a clean popsicle stick and drag it through the resin, from the edge of the coaster to the center. These will help create those petal-like shapes.

Dragging a popsicle stick through pink, white, and clear resin to make flower petal designs.

And the designs are done! Use your handheld blowtorch to remove bubbles throughout this entire process.

Finally, you’ll want these coasters to sit somewhere where they can cure uninterrupted, free from dust and debris. Be aware of the proper ambient temperature for curing as well and ensure the conditions are perfect. For more information on those conditions, check out the resources on our product page.

To use this product with food, you’ll have to allow it to cure for a full 7 days.

A handheld blowtorch being used to remove bubbles for 3d flower resin coasters.

Once they finish curing, you can demold them. How did the designs turn out for you?

We hope, in a word, gorgeous!

Finished purple and pink 3D flower resin coasters.

3D Flower Resin Coaster Ideas

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Happy crafting, everyone.

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