1. Always make sure your epoxy resin at the ideal temperature before mixing (75 degrees Fahrenheit.)

We know…you are Excited to get your epoxy resin. You might even be waiting by the door for it to arrive! Before you start working you’ll want to make sure that when the weather is colder you let your resin sit at room temperature for a few hours! If you’re impatient, you can always give your bottles a warm water bath. A good tip is to test your product with an infrared thermometer if you think the product might be too cold.

Cold epoxy resin results in milky, bubbly product…and that’s not pretty.

2. Your working environment must be 75 degrees or higher.

If you want to heat your room quickly, we recommend small space heaters with thermostats. Some thermostats may not be 100% accurate, so it is best to set the temperature to a few degrees warmer to ensure the correct temperature is met.

3. Make sure your epoxy resin stays at the ideal temperature during the entire curing process.

After your project is complete, you must make sure that it stays at the right temperature during the entire curing process, which is 72 hours. You’ll want to keep the heat at 75 to 90 degrees. Your project will most likely feel hard to touch after 12 hours, but it is very important that it is not put in a cold area before the 72-hour mark, as it can affect the full curing process. 

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