The natural beauty of our world is a source of infinite inspiration. For years, artists used Mother Nature to serve as a muse for their most creative endeavors and have not been disappointed. Today, we consider how Mother Nature’s influences can drive us to greater things.

We’ve discussed resin ocean art before—how to execute it the realism in the ebb and flow of lifelike waves that you can portray with resin. Today, we wanted to push these boundaries a little further. After all, nature’s accomplishments don’t seem limited; there’s no reason why we can’t draw our inspiration from the extraordinary.

Inspiration Is Out There!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. See for yourself as we explore natural marvels across the world that have got us thinking outside the box.

1.Lake Natron in Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Lake Natron gets its name from the mineral and salt mixture—called natron­—that appears when the lake’s water level decreases. Although the lake is quite a sight to behold, it’s toxic to most living creatures that are not adapted to its high alkaline levels and relative temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Microorganisms like haloarchaea are what tint the shallow portions of Lake Natron hues of red and pink.

Lake Natron color palette: 

2.Caño Cristales in Colombia

Commonly known as the “Liquid Rainbow” or “River of Five Colors,” Caño Cristales is a tributary of the Guayabero River in Colombia. During the month of June, this waterway earns its nickname by manifesting shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and black. This is due to a variety of factors, including the presence of mineral deposits, algae, and an indigenous plant species called Macarenia clavígera. Incredibly, this plant grows in only a few tropical locales across the world.

Caño Cristales color palette: 

3.Pink Salt Lake in Australia

The body of water previously known as Lake Spencer might soon return to its original moniker. See, several years ago, the lovingly dubbed Pink Lake in Western Australia lost its pinkish hue due to declining saline. Saline conditions are necessary for the lake’s green algae to accumulate beta-carotene, which turns the lake a sweet bubblegum pink. Although there is talk of rehabilitating the lake to again achieve this beloved hue, doing so will require a great deal of commitment.

Pink Salt Lake (Lake Spencer) color palette:

4.Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

Several species of flamingo turn to this salty, shallow “red lagoon” for prime servings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Abundant with plankton for the picking, Laguna Colorada is also home to a variety of minerals and algae. This, scientists suspect, is what causes its brilliant blood-red hue.

Laguna Colorada color palette:

5.Chott el Fedjedj, Chott el Djerid, and Chott el Gharsa in Tunisia

Those who travel in winter to Chott el Djerid, one of three multicolored salt lakes located at the edge of the Sahara Desert, may have the opportunity to witness its stunning transformation. When these natural salt basins fill up with water, they commonly shift to shades of red or sometimes to green, purple, or even white.

Chott el Djerid color palette:

6.Hells of Beppu in Oita Prefecture, Japan

This particular image shows one of the seven “hells” hot springs of Beppu. Although too hot to bathe in, Chinoike Jigoku’s vibrant coloration can still be appreciated by any who travel to the Oita Prefecture. It’s hue is attributed to the extant red mud, which contains components like iron oxide and magnesium oxide, that bubble up from below.

Chinoike Jigoku color palette:

7.Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This “most photographed thermal feature in Yellowstone” boasts a ranking of third largest spring in the world. Heat-loving bacteria have made a home among its tepid waters, making them appear so vibrantly, well, prismatic.

Grand Prismatic Spring color palette:

8.Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont, California

This next one shows its true colors when you take to the skies. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge is home to a plethora of wild species in both their surrounding forests and their salt evaporation ponds. Ponds where, you guessed it, microorganisms flourish. Colorful microorganisms + varying saline levels = a unique patchwork of pigmented ponds unlike any other!

Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge color palette:

9.Telaga Warna in Dieng, Indonesia

We couldn’t possibly discuss eye-catching natural marvels without diving into the one whose name literally means “colorful lake.” Among the verdant trees and breathtaking Hindu temples, at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, rests Telaga Warna. Said to display shades of yellow, green, and purple this lake owes its color-shifting prowess to the sun’s reflection off of its high sulfur contents.

Telaga Warna color palette:

10.Travertine Pools in Pamukkale, Turkey

Our final stop is the locale known as Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey. It isn’t difficult to see how this site earned its name, which translates to “cotton castle.” Those who make the journey are met with cascading hills made entirely of travertine. Formed by mineral deposits in natural springs, travertine is a type of limestone. When the surrounding waters evaporate, a common substance found in these minerals called calcium carbonate is left behind to tint the pools a pretty pale blue.

Into the Unknown: Resin Ocean Art Inspiration

We’re not the only ones thinking about switching things up when it comes to resin ocean art! Take a look at some of the pieces fellow artists on Instagram have come up with:

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