We do not officially recommend buffing/polishing for the fact that excessive speed or pressure will create heat and can permanently damage the epoxy by smearing it. That said many of our customers do polish the epoxy. Most employ a progressive dry sanding method starting with 100-200 then 300, 400, 1000, finishing with 2000 – 2500 grit. Wipe clean with a drop of denatured alcohol or acetone. Then apply a polishing compound. I know of customers who use 3M Finesse it II Glaze and Meguiar’s Auto glaze. I have heard of others using waxes. My recommendation would be to test any glaze, wax, polish, etc. on a scrap piece before using it on your project. PLEASE NOTE: Polishing epoxy can lead to smearing. It is crucial that speed and pressure are minimal so as to avoid smearing the epoxy. The finished result should be a barely perceptible dulling of the original finish.

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